The Breitinger Company is committed to meeting your total design and production needs.

We manufacture precision stampings, competitively priced for all industries in long or short-runs. Our stamping facilities have over fifty individual presses with a maximum press capacity of 500 tons and 54" x 108" beds. Breitinger runs progressive, draw, form, and blanking dies.

  • Precision Stampings: Progressive, draw, form, blanking, and transfer
  • Over 100 presses - up to 500 Tons
  • Bed sizes to 156" by 72"

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Hydroform presses:

Breitinger Co. currently have (4) hydroform presses from 80 ton to 600 ton Capacity w/ Large Press bed sizes:

  • (2) 300 ton
  • (1) 500 ton
  • (1) 600 ton