Hydroforming bends and expands tubing into various shapes without the scrap associated with other processing methods making it extremely cost-efficient.

BCI has hydroformed parts from Exhaust child part components, Finisher Exhaust tips to Exhaust Manifolds. We process complex parts with one operation instead of using multiple operations. Hydroforming has no welding beads or seams when appearance is importantant.

BCI designs and builds the hydroform tooling needed to make the parts in-house. This gives us an advantage with J.I.T. products. Hydroforming is appropriate for both low and high volume production jobs.

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Hydroform presses:

Breitinger Co. currently have (4) hydroform presses from 80 ton to 600 ton Capacity w/ Large Press bed sizes:

  • (2) 300 ton
  • (1) 500 ton
  • (1) 600 ton