Laser Cutting

Breitinger Company uses laser to cut our hydro-form parts.

The Breitinger Company consists of over 130,000 sq. ft. in separate modern facilities which include: Stamping, Assembly, and Welding plants, Tool & Die/Machining Center, and Fabrication plant. We offer a wide variety of custom metal products fabrication. Our services range from prototype to complex production runs and from simple fabrication to sophisticated industrial, pneumatic, hydraulic, and material handling equipment.

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Laser Cutting Advantages:

The Breitinger Company has (4) 1500 Watt Mazak SpaceGear U-44 6 Axis Lasers. (Capabilities of cutting 1/4" flat sheet mild steel)

  • Improved accuracy of parts
  • Eliminate Deburring Processes
  • Reduce Labor Intensive operations
  • Increased Output